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Quantifying Soil Capital Value and Soil Connections to Society: Toward Achieving Global Soil Security

This is a highlight of a newly funded Grand Challenge Integrative Faculty Team. If you are interested in joining or finding out more information about this team, please contact the team leader – Dr. Cristine Morgan,, 979-845-3603. Soil is more than simply dirt. A valuable nature resource, soil filters nutrients, produces biomass, grows raw materials for food and fiber, and secures carbon. It’s also something that needs to be protected. Soil security requires maintenance and improvement of the soil resource to produce food, fiber, and fresh water,… Read More →

Reducing Food Loss in the Developing World

This is a highlight of a newly funded Grand Challenge Integrative Faculty Team. If you are interested in joining or finding out more information about this team, please contact the team leader – Dr. Elsa Murano,, 979-862-4551.  Food loss, by definition, is the decrease in edible food mass throughout the supply chain. A common occurrence in developing countries, it takes place in one or more of the following stages – production, post-harvest, and processing. Though they sound similar, food loss is not to be confused with food… Read More →

Grants Awarded and Mini-Symposia Selected for 2016

In 2013, the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences established the Grand Challenges, a faculty-driven, interdisciplinary initiative to tackle some of the world’s biggest problems.  Three years later, the Grand Challenges continue to be a vital segment of the College’s land-grant mission. Now, more than ever, the research conducted across our College and agencies is needed to address increasing global problems. Progress on our College’s Grand Challenges is ongoing and you can get updated on all of our activities and resources at We are now ready to announce our next set… Read More →

Trash talk challenges Texas A&M agriculture faculty to find ways to stop global food waste

Writer: Kathleen Phillips, 979-845-2872, Contact: Dr. Steve Searcy, 979-845-3931, COLLEGE STATION — Agriculture faculty at Texas A&M University are talking trash — as in too much food ends up there. Now they are vowing to team up and figure out how to reduce global food waste by 5 percent over the next decade, according to Dr. Steve Searcy, the group’s facilitator and head of the Texas A&M biological and agricultural engineering department. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations has estimated that 30 percent of… Read More →

Interdisciplinary Team Working to Feed, Clothe, and Shelter 9 Billion People By 2050

By: Tara Hale Through its land grant mission, Texas A&M University, the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, and Texas A&M AgriLife Research are charged with the genetic improvement of plants for the benefit of humanity, and the development of knowledge-based production and management systems. Members of the Food, Feed, Fiber, Bioenergy for 2050 Faculty Integrative Team, formed as a result of the 2014 Grand Challenges Mini-Symposia, are rising to the challenge of implementing methods to meet the task of feeding, clothing and sheltering a projected nine billion people… Read More →

Texas A&M AgriLife Conference: Grand Challenges Update & Review

During the College General Session at the 2015 Texas A&M AgriLife Conference, attendees received updates on the three funded integrative faculty teams. The new spring 2014 mini-symposia topics were also introduced. For those unable to attend the conference, the video below contains the Grand Challenge update and review.

Grand Challenge Grants Awarded, Mini-Symposia Selected

Dear College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Faculty: As 2014 comes to an end, I would like to update the College on the substantial progress we’ve made this semester with the Grand Challenges. I am pleased to announce the College has awarded Grand Challenge Grants to three integrative faculty teams. Each team will receive $75,000 per year for a two-year period. The teams receiving funding are: The Root/Rhizosphere Interface: Key to Feeding Our World, Protecting Our Environment, Improving our Health; Project Director: Dr. Leland S. Pierson III Feeding… Read More →

Grand Networks for Grand Challenges