Enriching Our Youth

We prepare students to be leaders in solving the world’s problems. Whether they choose medicine, engineering, business, environmental conservation, education, journalism or food production, students can start their career in our College.

enriching our youth-RGBIn addition to a world-class education, our students have a full range of experiences to enrich their classroom learning. Study abroad, field experiences, internships, undergraduate research and a wide choice of student organizations all allow students to develop leadership, organizational and communication skills to become society-ready graduates.

Our faculty and programs specializing in youth development and community development, particularly for at-risk youth in both urban and rural settings, equip our students to address the many complex issues facing today’s young people. Students can also choose from major programs in teacher training and certification as well as communications and journalism.

The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences is committed to providing the support, opportunities, programs and services to assist Texas youth to grow to be fully productive citizens.

4011879303_36334a47d4_zWhat is Enriching Our Youth?

Health and Wellness of Youth
The health and wellness of our youth is a serious issue for our state, country and world. Our youth are growing up with challenges not faced by previous generations. A focused community approach is needed to emphasize the engagement and partnering of multiple sectors needed to improve overall well-being. The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and the Texas A&M AgriLife agencies need to provide information that will help guide the discussion at a local, state and national level.

Academic Achievement, College Readiness and Career Development
Helping young people to develop an educational and career plan is necessary in order to enhance the thought processes about the value and need for a higher education. Students, whether they are college bound or not, also need to be prepared for a job market that is increasingly specific in the skills required to be successful. Career guidance needs to be enhanced to enable students to make more informed educational decisions.

Collaborative Partnerships among Governmental, Educational, and Non-Profit Agencies to Support Youth Development
As a land-grant university, the mission of Texas A&M University is to offer education to the citizens of Texas through the translation of research into practice and through the utilization of Texas A&M AgriLife programs. Collaboration with government, industry, foundations, and 4113394724_7dc58a57a9_zother funding sources for research and outreach involving youth is also vital. Joint efforts can help promote a more comprehensive approach that views each youth from a holistic perspective, recognizing the unique role that each sector plays in ensuring the development of youth into healthy productive members of society.

In today’s higher education setting, it is important that faculty and staff are offered adequate training opportunities to be cutting-edge faculty members. It is vital that the latest technology is used to deliver educational materials to our students, including understanding new technology, having access to it, and creating expectations to use it. Training faculty and staff to be positive adult mentors is becoming more and more important for working and engaging with youth. As more young people have less positive influences in their daily lives, adults have the obligation to serve as mentors for young people in order to prepare them for their education and/or career experiences.

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