The Grand Challenges

Protecting Our EnvironmentEnriching Our YouthImproving Our HealthGrowing Our EconomyFeeding Our World

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Our society will face increasingly large and complex problems in the coming decades. Some of these challenges can be addressed through research, teaching and outreach in the academic fields we work on in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

During the 2012-2013 academic year, the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences embarked on an exciting interdisciplinary, faculty-driven initiative to chart our top priorities for the future. This year-long process, which included a series of lectures, white paper development, and a town hall meeting, culminated with the identification of five grand challenges – feeding our world, protecting our environment, improving our health, enriching our youth, and growing our economy.

Each of the grand challenges are multi-disciplinary and interconnected. With this in mind, the College has created a searchable database that allow users to search by faculty research expertise as well as a listing of ongoing, funded research projects. This database and list of projects aim to facilitate discussion and increase involvement in our mission to address the grand challenges.

The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences hosts an annual Grand Challenge Mini-Symposium to encourage networking among Texas A&M AgriLife faculty and increase awareness of faculty research areas.

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