Texas A&M Nutrition Obesity Research Center (TAMNORC)


NFSCPresent day high prevalence of chronic diseases is attributable largely to obesity. Enormous challenges must be overcome before scientists and clinicians are able to win traction in the fight against obesity and obesity-related diseases. In line with this, Principle Investigators from the Department of Nutrition and Food Science (NFSC) at Texas A&M University (TAMU) are leading a multidisciplinary team of investigators from four TAMU colleges and units to launch the Texas A&M Nutrition Obesity Research Center (TAMNORC).

The mission of TAMNORC is to enhance collaborative nutrition obesity research in order to advance new knowledge and technology, focusing on healthy nutrition and exercise as preventative approaches. The TAMNORC strategy also includes “nutrition obesity enrichment” and “nutrition and exercise extension/outreach” to maximize effort in the fight against obesity and related chronic diseases.


According to 2013 data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the State of Texas is among states with obesity prevalence between 30-35%. Thus, major intervention and effort from researchers and clinical/translational scientists at TAMU are needed to develop new and better strategies for the prevention and/or treatment of obesity and related chronic diseases.

The activities of TAMNORC are in line with the goals of several Strategic Plans and Initiatives of TAMU aiming at improving public health of Texans and beyond. Establishing NORC at TAMU will generate the following impact and benefits:

  1. Bring together Nutrition/Obesity researchers and educators by providing a coordinated research infrastructure, and tremendous research and training opportunities
  2. Promote novel ideas to elevate research quality and advance new knowledge and technologies related to nutrition and obesity
  3. Increase research effort in nutrition/obesity that will enhance competition for future federal grants
  4. Interact with AgriLife Extension to extend translational services
  5. Bring prestige to COALS and TAMU as a leader in nutrition obesity research and extension.

For more information:

Chaodong Wu, MD, PhD – associate professor of nutrition and food science – cdwu@tamu.edu
Boon Chew, PhD – department head of nutrition and food science – boon.chew@tamu.edu

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