Water Energy Food Nexus Initiative


The interconnection of water, energy and food resources is highly complex and the availability of these resources is increasingly stressed by climatic, social, political, economic, demographic, technologic and other pressures. Sustainably addressing these challenges requires a better understanding of the nexus formed by the inter-connections between the resources and will lead to a more equitable allocation and improved management of them.


WEF Nexus_logoThe Texas A&M University Water-Energy-Food Nexus Initiative is composed of Texas A&M University scientists who are committed to nding solutions to the nexus grand challenges. These scientists and educators will make up multidisciplinary teams that share their skills, knowledge and scienti c abilities to produce the necessary analytics, grounded in state-of-the-art science, and able to provide a platform to facilitate inclusive stakeholder dialogues at local, regional and global levels.

This informed dialogue will enable a better understanding of the full life-cycle footprints of food, water and energy resources, their products and services. This dialogue will enable improved, science-based, management of these critical resources and will assist policy makers in planning effectively to address the anticipated shortfalls in these primary resources in a changing world.

Initiative’s Goals:

  • Facilitate science-based policy
  • Raise awareness among academe, society, government and industry for holistic approaches to address grand challenges¬†and sustainable development goals
  • Identify and respond to national and global opportunities in research, education, outreach and policy implementation
  • Assist in the effective management of primary resources


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